Because of our not-for-profit status we are able to keep the cost of care and accommodation at an affordable level without compromising the quality of service and ensure staffing levels are maintained to meet the needs of our residents. We believe that for the quality of care we provide, our fees are extremely competitive and offer value for money when compared to other homes providing the same levels of care and similar facilities in the Bromley area.

Included in the cost of the fees is breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning & afternoon snacks, laundry, cleaning, activities, day trips, 24 hour care needs and access to a phone.

However, you will need to pay for a private telephone line in your room, satellite TV, hairdressing, chiropody, toiletries and newspapers or magazines.

We are more than happy to accompany any of our residents to hospital for an appointment if a family member or friend cannot go with the resident but in these situations we will need to bring in an additional carer and the cost will need to be covered so we will have to make an additional charge.