March 2014

I am writing this on a lovely sunny day after all the drama of the flooding and closure of Glebe Way.

Further to my article last month, Zoe and Ben came from Avery fabrics with a car loaded with goodies for us from their Christmas cake sale.  Much of this will be used when we set up our Namaste Room for end of life dementia care. Namaste (to honour the spirit within) is a care programme developed in America and taken on board by St Christopher’s Hospice.  It focuses on calming and soothing residents, using touch, sound, smell and taste in a calm and special environment, which includes hand massages, foot spas, lotions, diffusers, soft music, treats and drinks.

Also thanks to generous funding from The Glebe Housing Association Trust Fund we are able to continue the fantastic work of Music Therapist Kwaku, from Nordoff Robbins, who brings such musical joy and enthusiasm every Tuesday to our residents who respond in a most lively and energetic way.

We have been watching the Winter Olympics on and off for a couple of weeks and  getting to see some different skills and sport which residents have found interesting.

We are introducing an evening activity, on a trial basis, for a few of the residents who stay up later, such as music appreciation, watching plays/classics, discussions and scrabble.

Eileen, our fabulous sing song volunteer, extends her support to us in other ways and has held a monthly music group and a poetry group for interested residents recently.  I know they were studying Wordsworth and his poems which was very well researched by Eileen, who had me photocopying lots of poems for them.

Jamie Steen came to perform his variety Express Show which had something for everyone with great songs, comedy, costumes and music.

Tristan our amazingly talented young volunteer pianist came to perform again and was very well received by our residents.

Jim, our “slightly older” pianist (!) came back for a recital, despite having to walk in when the road was closed, and residents enjoyed his music too.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with a delicious Chinese themed lunch and decorations and the gentle tinkle of oriental music in the back ground.

For Valentines Day we decorated the dining room in a blaze of pink and red with lovely new red cloths from Avery Fabrics on the tables and little decorated paper hearts which residents made in Arts and Crafts.  We put out chocolate hearts from Marks & Spencers for every resident to have with their drinks after lunch and Trevor provided a tasty menu of butterfly chicken (heart shaped!) or salmon and a glass of wine went down well with residents who remembered their loved ones.  Romantic music played around the home on this special day.

Lets hope Spring is around the corner. Best wishes to everyone.

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