Volunteering can enhance both the life of an elderly person and the life of a volunteer.

Sadly not all our residents are lucky enough to have family members living close by that are able to visit them on a regular basis. We try to give everyone as much one-to-one attention as we can, but it’s never as much as we’d (or they’d) like. That’s why volunteers are so important.

We have volunteers who enjoy arts and crafts, flower arranging or board games and who spend time with our residents on an individual or group basis.

We also have volunteers who come in and entertain our residents on a regular or one-off basis.

Other volunteers befriend one or more or our residents, getting to know about them and their life history and supporting them in whatever way they can. This might include sending them postcards when they go on holiday and taking them out if possible.

We always try to match volunteers to residents so that they have more in common and the experience is positive for all parties.

All our volunteers are interviewed and vetted in the same way as our paid staff. Volunteers are never used as replacements for paid staff.

If you’d like to volunteer and make an older person (or maybe more than one) happy and get something out of it yourself please get in touch.

The Glebe Court ‘friends’ group fund raise for the Home, through events including Spring Tea Party, Summer Garden Party and the Christmas Coffee Morning.